Daydreams specializes in pediatric dental care
under general anesthesia.

Our purpose is to be a resource for West Michigan’s healthcare community when pediatric patients require dental treatment under anesthesia. Our unique facility and team are able to provide the very best experience for your patients, without the 3 to 6 month wait time for treatment. And while referring your patients to another healthcare provider isn’t something you take lightly, we work hard to make the process easy and collaborative.


Patient is Referred

A referral can be sent using a Daydreams referral form or by using our online referral form. As soon as we receive a referral, Daydreams will contact the referred patient to schedule a preoperative exam.


Preoperative Screening

The preoperative screening exam ensures the patient’s candidacy for general anesthesia and establishes a treatment plan. Pediatric patients that are too uncooperative to complete an entire exam generally qualify for anesthesia and a definitive treatment plan will be created after X-rays are obtained on the day of treatment.



Patients scheduled for treatment are contacted in the week preceding their appointment. All patients MUST follow NPO guidelines (which are explained and provided during the exam). On treatment day, the patient and parent/guardian are placed in preoperative care and most patients receive a medication to calm them down. Patients are then moved to the operating room for treatment, typically lasting 1 to 2 hours. Following treatment, the patient transitions to recovery where pediatric nurses monitor their health. At least 30 minutes is spent in recovery before the patient is discharged.


Referral Follow Up

Following treatment, a post operative packet will be sent to the referring office. This documentation will show the work performed, treatment plan, and written description. Finally, the patient will return to the referring office for any regularly scheduled appointments.

Quality begins with our team of healthcare specialists.

Medical Doctor (MD) Anesthesiologists
Pediatric Dental Physicians (DDS)
Pediatric Dental Assistants
Pediatric Nurses

For more information about our anesthesia team, visit Anesthesia Practice Consultants

To get started, use our online patient referral form.

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Daydreams Procedure Center is a QUAD A accredited facility, having met the standards of a CLASS C ambulatory surgery facility with a focus on patient safety and industry best practices.