Pediatric Dentists at DeVos Children’s Hospital

Daydreams provides pediatric dentistry under general anesthesia. For children with specialized medical needs, dentistry provided in a hospital that specializes in children’s services is the best and safest method to deliver dental care. In our area, DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids is the best choice for your child.

Below is a list of pediatric specialists who provide dentistry under general anesthesia at DeVos:

Accept Healthy Kids Insurance:

Douglas LaDue, DDS
Smilies Pediatric Dentistry
(616) 455-4646

Veronica Hamilton, DDS* 
Hamilton Pediatric Dentistry
(616) 608-6826

Megan Condit, DDS*
Christy Vollmar, DDS
Grand River Pediatric Dentistry
(616) 777-3300

Betsey Baumann-Smeenge, DDS**
Baldwin Family Health Center
(231) 689-1608

* Delta Dental Healthy Kids provider
** Delta Dental + Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Kids provider

Do not accept Healthy Kids insurance:

Jessica Massie, DDS
Aimee Valleau, DDS
Christopher VanDeven, DDS
Valleau & VanDeven DDS, PS
(616) 455-1301

Agata Lefere, DMD
Grandville Pediatric Dentistry
(616) 531-3430

Daniel O’Callaghan, DDS
Gaines Pediatric Dentistry
(616) 258-2005

Daydreams Procedure Center is a QUAD A accredited facility, having met the standards of a CLASS C ambulatory surgery facility with a focus on patient safety and industry best practices.